How to participate?

Do you live in an energy-efficient house, does your child go to school in an energy-efficient school or are you a student or teacher who wants to know all about the indoor environment in the place where you spend a lot of time? And is your house/school situated in Flanders, Belgium?

Complete the following brief questionnaire and send it to Marianne Stranger.

  • Questionnaire Clean Air Low Energy schools
  • Questionnaire Clean Air Low Energy house

Based on the characteristics of your house or school our teams might contact you and schedule a visit for a complete and extensive assessment of the indoor environment. Participation is free of charge and all results are communicated anonymous. After participation, you’ll receive a summarizing report on the indoor environment of your house or classroom.

The monitoring campaign starts mid September 2011 and runs until mid May 2012.

You can apply until April 2012.